Fungles NFT Marketplace
Fungles NFT Marketplace
Our NFT Marketplace is the ideal place to list and advertise your assets for sale. We offer options with no upfront costs for creators and low fees on sales.
Mr Shroom Booster
Mr Shroom's Booster
Shroom is the youngest member of the Fungle family and uses his energy to give a boost to promoting your NFTs. By adding your NFT to Shroom's boost queue it will receive additional exposure on the Marketplace for 30 minutes for FREE, simply click the Shroom icon on any asset detail page that you own.
Sponsored Collections
Highlighted Collections
We are always monitoring our social media and are keen to reward our members who support us. We will give collections highlighted status at random if you promote your assets with the @FunglesNFT or #FunglesNFT tags.