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Mr Fungles NFT Wall of Fame

Mr Fungle's Wall of Fame

Mr Fungle's Wall of Fame is made up of 20 frames, each linked to an NFT that is listed on OpenSea. To display your collection of assets in a given frame simply add the corrsponding NFT to your collection and your assets will be displayed automatically on the wall. This is a great way to get exclusive, permanent exposure for your collection for a one off purchase fee. As long as you hold the NFT you will own the frame.
Shrooms NFT Booster

Shroom's NFT Booster

Shroom is the youngest member of the Fungle family and uses his energy to give a boost to promoting your NFTs. By adding your NFT to Shroom's boost queue it will receive additional exposure on the Marketplace for a while for FREE, simply click the Shroom icon Shroom NFT Boost on any asset detail page that you own.

Sponsored Collections

With the recent explosion in NFT popularity the market has been flooded with a massive amount of listings. In order to get your collection noticed, we offer Sponsored Collections which are windows highlighting your work throughout our site and above search results.

The current price is €25 per week per collection. To purchase simply click the button below and enter the required collection name into the name field and then complete payment. Payments are processing by Coinbase Commerce.

Featured Collections

Collections that appear in the "Featured Collections" box are chosen at random from social media posts posted on Fungles walls or where Fungles has been tagged in an NFT post or where a Fungles share button is used to promote a listing on any social media.

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