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The Fungle Family is a fun, free NFT community built around Fungle Town. We are a gateway for getting Digital Art noticed with various ways to promote your artwork and link creators with collectors looking for their perfect NFTs.

Mr Fungle is an NFT influencer. This FunGuy who enjoys linking collectors with creators and promoting 24-7. He also hosts NFT based games and competitions and offers weekly front page exposure of his favourite NFT collections and websites. Mr Fungles Wall of Fame makes exciting use of NFT's in order to own a part of his website.

Mr Fungle NFT Influencer

Mr Fungle

Mrs Fungle, the fun-gal that loves flying to the moon and would like to take your NFTs with her. Simply purchase a box on her rocket and once all the boxes have been filled we will launch it as an NFT and give one passenger 50% of the sale value.

Mrs Fungals Rocket to the Moon

Mrs Fungal

Shroom is the youngest member of the Fungle family and uses his energy to give a boost to promoting your NFTs. By adding your NFT to Shroom's boost queue it will receive additional exposure on various pages throughout the Fungle's site for 30 minutes for FREE, simply click the Shroom icon Shroom NFT Boost on your asset detail page.

Shroom NFT Booster


Russula is our news reporter bringing you all the latest news, rumours and gossip from the world of Non Fungible Tokens.

Latest NFT News from Russula

Russula's NFT Newstand

Fungles Coffee Shop is a place to relax and share thoughts, ideas and questions with fellow NFT enthusiasts.

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